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RF analyzers are high-tech equipments that are complex and for expert purposes such as wireless telecommunication applications, RF components manufacturing, antenna site installation/maintenance etc. Protek offers total solutions in the test equipment field with these leading-edge products.
  Protek A334M
A new concept test and measurement instrument of Protek A334M VSWR analyzer has been optimized to be used in the production lines where only VSWR is measured. Reducing unnecessary features and providing multi port up to 6 will definitely increase the efficiency of the production as well as the cost effectiveness.
  Protek A734
New Protek A734 handheld spectrum analyzer has been optimized for the convenience of mobility with lightweight (<2Kg), 5.7 inch sunlight readable LCD, long battery life (> 8 hours) and smart battery indicator. Comparable DANL (Displayed Average Noise Level) enables users to detect more accurately low level of signals and additional features such as phase noise measurement, audio listen, and zero span options, will lead users to take advantage of Protek A734 in more field applications than other spectrum analyzers.
  Protek A434L
Protek A434L is a new antenna and cable analyzer designed for use in the field offering the four measurement capabilities such as VSWR, cable Loss, DTF (Distance to Fault) and power meter with convenient short-cut buttons. Protek A434L has been lighter with longer battery life than the predecessor A434. The lightweight and simple operation make Protek A434L indispensable to technicians who need an efficient measuring instrument outdoors for the installation and maintenance of antenna systems.
  Protek Product
GS Instruments Co., LTD is one of the leading manufacturers in the test & measuring instruments industry headquartered in South Korea. GSI has been doing business for over 40years widened product line-up by adding Digital Multi-meter, Handheld Scope meter, Digital Storage Oscilloscope and Network Analyzer etc.
  Protek A434
Protek A434 is antenna and cable analyzer offering measurement capabilities such as VSWR, cable loss and DTF. It helps field engineers perform field verification and is leading choice for installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of microwave cables and communication systems in cellular and broadcast industries.
  Protek A338
Protek A338 is Vector Network Analyzer supporting from 300kHz to 8GHz and designed to analyze the properties of electrical network equipment, especially those properties associated with the reflection and transmission of electrical signals known as S-parameters.
  Protek A333
Protek A333 has been designed to ensure and evaluate successful development, testing and manufacturing of various electronic devices in telecommunication, medical, automotive and RF component industries. The A333 provides accurate and fast measurement, user friendly remote control interface.
  Protek 7830+G632
Protek 7830 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer is the compact, lightweight, portable, and cost-effective equipment with various measurement functions such as Marker, Delta Marker, Peak Search, Channel Power measurement etc. It is the ideal tool for field RF technicians to test, install and maintain Wireless Mobile Telecommunications Systems, Cable Systems, Satellite Antennas, RFID and Jammer Systems etc.
  Protek 3201N/3290N
RF Field Strength Analyzer – With frequency range of 100kHz to 2GHz(3201N) and 2.9GHz(3290N), our RF analyzers offer great application in the fields for installation, repair and maintenance of Mobile Telecommunication Systems, Cable Systems, Antenna Systems etc. It measures and demodulates W-FM/N-FM/AM/SSB signals with built-in frequency counter and speaker.